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What is Artificial Intelligence?

Contrary to popular belief, Artificial Intelligence is not about creating super human lifeforms that will takeover the world. Artificial intelligence, it it's layman form, is in fact a tool that interprets data based on what it sees, hear, speak or feel, and is not only able to react to these data points as how a human would, but also prescribe best possible solutions to solve a said problem.

Artificial Intelligence hence allows for repetitive and predictive actions that would traditionally require a human, now be easily programmed to do the necessary steps without the need of having a human being physically around. Artificial Intelligence today opens up doors and solutions for both big and small companies in Singapore and around the world to tap on this technology and improve efficiency in their workplace.

Increase Productivity

Artificial Intelligence was built to replace tasks that are repetitive and mundane in nature. Task that were previously time consuming can now be automated; freeing up more time to focus on critical elements of the business.

Competitive advantage

Instead of Humans vs Machines, focus on the possibility of Humans working together with machines, whilst competing against another human with machine. The battleground in the next decade lies in the company that is best able to use Artificial Intelligence to complement their business and work.

Cost Savings

Traditional task that would have required days for a human to accomplish, can now be done in a matter of seconds and minutes. Algorithm based Artificial Intelligence also means lesser margin of human error.

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